Resources for coaches include the PC Playbook



PCx provides all of these resources for coaches at no cost. Download all the files that you need.

Why I Developed These Resources

My intention is to provide the PC Community with what I believe are the most useful tools, resources, systems, and strategies. By consistently using similar tools, it is easier for coaches to adopt and customize them into their businesses as they see fit.

The vision I have is to create a community of coaches who come together and use this basic framework. With this community and basic framework, we help agents get into production quickly. We can then evolve and improve our results and success faster together.


Resources for coaches include the PC Master Tracker

PCx Master Tracker 2023

Value Prop 1-Pager

Onboarding Quick Steps

Reality Rating Worksheet

Resources for coaches include the PC Coaching Agreement

PC Coaching Agreement

Agent Value Proposition

PCx - Launch Presentation

Initial 1-1 Questionnaire

Coach’s 30-60-90 Day

Associate Tracking Sheet

2023 Recruiting Tracker Master

Resources for coaches include the Coaches Job GPS

Coach's Jobs GPS

Resources for coaches include the Agent 30-60-90


Coach's Business GPS

Business Calculator

Resources for coaches include the Launch GPS

Launch GPS

New Agent GPS

Coaching Agreement 2

Think Like a CEO

In the “Think like a CEO” podcast by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan they discuss the acronym CEO. We are owners of a coaching business; here’s how it applies to us.

Create Energy:

Leaders start by having a clear mission and vision for a better future. They paint a picture of a better future in the minds of those they lead which energizes their engagement and output.

As Coaches, we can create energy in all whom we serve. Our objective is to energize our clients with a compelling future that drives their efforts. When we believe in their ability we can create the energy they need to initiate their momentum.

Engage Talent:

Leadership is being a strategic thinker and teaching others how to think more strategically. Set their imagination on fire by getting them excited for their compelling future, and help them bring out the best in their own abilities.

As Coaches, every agent that enters our program is potential talent in one skill set or another. Take an active role in understanding each individual at the beginning of your relationship so that you can help them find the right path and strategies as quickly as possible.

Own Results:

To “own” results means the results belong to you and you alone, empowering you to identify the cause of your situation and actively improve it. This is your constant feedback loop.

As Coaches, our results can be measured in dollars by the amount of agent production we help, and by the number of people who we positively and productively engage with.

Speaking of owning results, start now by spending 30 seconds thinking about how you can improve in each of these leadership areas in the next 30 days, then think about what the result feel like as you successfully implement each of those changes.